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it’s desperate

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To Spencer (1/5)

Oh, to know you as I wish I could
To sit under a maple tree, pondering the world
To ask you questions about happiness and space
To be to you a sister, a friend, a teacher and pupil

I would love to memorize your walk
Memorize the foods you like and those you would do away with
Memorize your recipes for desire and doubt
Memorize your birthday, your favorite month, number, holiday, food

I want to watch you as you walk down the hall
As you make your order
As you read quietly and take in your cocoa
As you laugh, think, watch a movie, speak to me

I want to be to you what you are to me
To be fuddled, entangled in your thoughts
To be told of your fickle dreams and ideas
To be a friend to you and to stand by

Not always together but never too far.

March 18, 2014

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A poem I wrote to myself

You are completely and utterly contradictory.

You look upon everyone in kindness and there are people that you just. can’t. stand.

You’re very wise but you wear it around your neck like a child.

You want to be pretty and girly but you won’t wear jewelry.

You want to look nice but you just won’t take care of your hair.

You welcome death but you want to live a full life of adventure.

You want to be a raging fire but you always keep a bucket of fire around you. Just in case, you say.

But I know the truth. You want to let go, to burn through everything, but you feel tied down to duty and memory. You want to stick by your family but your desire to travel consumes you, tires you day by day until it will be nothing but a dream.

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It’s as if you were made for me
Or maybe I was made for you…

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Rubik’s Cubes
1. Our imperfections make us interesting and unique. We all have them whether they are peeling stickers, a cube in the wrong place, or even a cube twisted to face the wrong direction.
2. It’s all in the journey. In the end, all cubes look the same. It is how we go about solving them that makes a difference. If they were easy, they wouldn’t capture our attention as they do.
3. What appears to be perfect isn’t always so. While a cube may appear to have everything in the right place, that isn’t always the case. You can never see the whole cube at once (unless you rig up some serious mirror system).

Happy 40th anniversary to the Rubik’s Cube!

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When my parents want to tell me I look nice
they tell me I look like my sister

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